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Park Slope Moms

Park Slope Moms



Formerly known as Park Slope Moms

This is not your average Mom Series.

"Yes, our kids play soccer. Yes, we have gluten-free cupcake bake sales. Yes, we're organic.


We don't need our spouses or kids to get sh*t done. We miss our pre-mom lives. But at least we have the PTA."

Code name for the "MOMFIA" 


The Momfia is a dark comedy set in an affluent, progressive neighborhood in Brooklyn. Foul play ensues when a Haitian-American, power-attorney and closeted Republican, Carley Fuller-Fowler transitions into a stay-at-home mom. Initially, she reluctantly takes on the role of PTA president, at the insistence of her "mom-friends." Things take a foreboding turn when Carley realizes she can use the PTA for her own agenda. The other moms, including a CIA plant, will stop at nothing to bring Carley down. But, Carley never loses. 

Creator, Alexandra Foucard, a Grammy-nominated Broadway actor, creator, writer, and producer, is renowned for her boundary-pushing artistry. Born in Haiti to French/Spaniard, Dominican/Haitian parents, she infuses her rich heritage into her work. Living in Park Slope, Brooklyn, she draws inspiration from the vibrant community life, leading to the creation of the award-winning series "Park Slope Moms"now know as the MOMFIA. As a proud feminist and member of the LGBTQ+ community, Alexandra is committed to telling stories that reflect her multifaceted identity as a BIPOC woman. Her career is marked by a dedication to inclusivity and representation, with a focus on BIPOC female-driven projects.

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The Moms





A formidable attorney and an ambitious Haitian immigrant turned reluctant stay-at-home mom in a progressive 21st-century hood. Juggling diapers and diversity, she's determined to keep her identity intact – and her Republican secret hidden. It's a constant clashing of cultures and sensibilities. Carley's navigating motherhood like a boss, all while slyly dodging political landmines at the PTA's organic back sales. At least she thinks she does. 



She's Carley's best frenemy. She fantasizes about living in the East Village and growing medicinal marijuana. To deal with the bake sales, her husband and son, Paula uses "liquid courage" and on occasion, a pill or two from her “cosmetic pharmacy bag.” Carley and Paula bond over their shared secret desire to escape Park Slope. But when Paula is caught in the crosshairs of Carley's PTA tyranny, she forms unexpected alliances with Angela and Nina to knock her off her throne.



Carley's "poor friend." Occasional babysitter, and the most nurturing of the group. Born to be a stay-at-home mom, she’ll do anything to make sure her five kids get the best education, including acting as a surrogate for a discreet Park Slope celebrity in the hopes that one day she’ll be able to live there herself. She finds herself ruffled by the arrival of Nina, an old college flame in the neighborhood.



She is Carley's nemesis. As an undercover CIA agent, she sees crime and intrigue everywhere. Suspecting Carley of high crimes and possibly, treason, Nina infiltrates the Park Slope PTA and fans the flames of the moms’ resentment, convincing them to sabotage Carley to her breaking point. She finds herself a bit distracted when she runs into her college sweetheart, Angela Polo.




Hey, so my partner Brooke and I are having a Frozen viewing party next weekend for Scotlyn. We thought it would be a fun way for her to make new friends. You’re all invited.Carley looks suspiciously at Nina.



Miles is going to a meditation retreat. Penelope’s a newborn, but she’ll attend. Just one thing. Penelope must be addressed as queen, NOT princess.




Nina takes a pen out of her pocket, grabs Carley’s hand and writes her address on her palm.


Noon. We’ll have organic, gluten free snacks, maybe even some spinach. So just bring Penelope. I’ve got a treat for Mom too. (Winks at Carley). You’ll bring the girls, won’t you Angel Cake? Angela smiles, tightly and takes Nina’s elbow.




My yoga class is about to start. Be sure to change your address,

Angela. Namaste.



Carley walks away. Angela and Paula watch incredulously.


I don’t know what I’m gonna do. We won’t have a downpayment for a place until the baby’s born. That’s when I get my final payment from the MJ.



Don’t worry. I’ve got this.

Director's Statement


So often women are defined by those around them:

their significant others, their children, etc. We are someone’s girlfriend or spouse. We are so-and-so’s mother. None of which makes any sense to me, so I’m really interested in telling women’s stories where the women take center stage full-stop. You’ll notice that spouses and children are mentioned in Park Slope Moms and are perhaps there just out of the frame, but they are not the main event in any way, shape or form.

I’m also very interested in telling stories where women can be ruthless too. I like dark. The moms in Park Slope Moms initially were all friends when Carley, who is suddenly power-hungry as a new stay-at-home mom, went off the rails; the other moms will stop at nothing to get their friend back.

Park Slope Moms is basically a family drama, using the extended definition of family as your “chosen family” - not biological necessarily but where one has chosen to be and with whom. Friendship. Overcoming the monster that is suddenly in that unit. Alexandra, the series creator plus the other actors, had been working on their roles for years before we shot the

pilot/proof-of-concept film, so all the actors really knew their characters. I shot it in a way to simply get out of the way of the performances, never wanting to prioritize anything above performance and the characters’ history with each other. We also worked to make sure that each woman had a specific and different voice and wardrobe.


Our purpose now is to make the other ten episodes in season one.


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Creator, Executive Producer, Writer 

Alexandra Foucard CEO of The I AM Collective Productions. She is committed to bring to the stage and camera the stories of  Diverse voices. Stories told from a unique perspective. "We are all multi-faceted fractions of each other. When you open yourself to a new theatrical experience you learn that we have more that unites us then we do dividing us. 



Annetta Marion is an Award-Winning Director and Primetime Emmy-nominated Showrunner who for the last decade has dedicated her life to the craft of making premium television and cultivating a taste for stories that both entertain and inspire. Annetta has created roughly 70 hours of premium television over the past decade. Her work spans high-end branded content, scripted comedy and drama, true crime series for Investigation Discovery, multi-cam episodes for NBC and docs-series/specials for OWN, MTV, Netflix and NASA; working with talent like Oprah, Amy Poehler, Nicki Minaj and Dwayne Johnson to aspiring actors to “real people.”



Anika Benkov is a nonbinary playwright, filmmaker and performer based in NYC. They come to film through documentary, theatre and creative fiction. Anika has been recently recognized as a quarterfinalist in the Sundance Screenwriting lab for their feature length film, and is now a participant in the Sloan Mentorship program through Columbia University with their pilot. Anika is currently finishing the short film they wrote and directed, "The Binding of Itzik" and is a screenwriting and television writing MFA candidate at the Columbia School of the Arts. 



Stephanie Dawson is a producer, line producer and production manager for narrative, reality, and branded content. Her credits include feature films Holiday Rush, Kelly & Cal and Beneath reality series House Hunters International and The Celebrity Apprentice and documentary series American Doers. She produced and directed the narrative web series Scout & Maggie. Stephanie produced the web series Death’s Door, co-directed the short film “In-Kind” and produced the short film “Hypothetically." Stephanie is a member of the PGA and NYWIFT.


Director of Photography

Laela Kilbourn has accumulated documentary feature credits including Best Cinematography award winner Swim Team, and seven Sundance competition premieres, such as DuPont-Columbia Journalism Award winner This Is Home: A Refugee Story; Peabody Award-Winner How To Dance In Ohio; and Emmy-Nominated Word Wars. Her narrative work includes the feature film Death Of A Fool and Award-Winning shorts June Weddings and Bar Talk. She was profiled in the ICG Magazine feature "Generation Next” and Indiewire's "8 More Female Cinematographers You Should Know About." Laela’s worked on projects for HBO, FX, NBC, PBS, Netflix, Hulu, Epix, AMC, A&E, Amazon, TNT, TBS, Nick Jr., NickMom, ESPN, History, MTV, VH1, and WeTV.



Michelle Botticelli is a graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Film and Television. She has edited feature films which have competed at Berlinale, SXSW, TriBeCa, TIFF and Slamdance, including most recently CRSHD, written and directed by Emily Cohn. Michelle’s also edited TV shows for MTV, VH1, Animal Planet, CMT, National Geographic and Apple TV+ on Helpsters. Michelle skillfully edited and produced her own feature, Falling for Grace. She’s also produced and edited Stephen Elliot’s acclaimed After Adderall along with many other short films. Michelle is also an accomplished director whose films have premiered at several festivals. She is a member of IATSE / Motion Picture Editors / Local 700.


Assiociate Producer

Christine Shaw is a Brooklyn born Filmmaker and Producer. Passionate about creating socially relevant documentaries shining a positive light on the issues facing the African-American and Caribbean community Christine's documentary "From Prison to NYU" was featured in the African American Women in Cinema Festival. The "Ghost in the Shell PSA" a short she directed and filmed, was an official selection for the Women of the Lens festival. Her feature length documentary, "Panorama: Jamming to the Top," which follows the challenges several steel bands in Brooklyn must overcome, won Best Director at the Caribe Film Fest and Best Music Documentary at the People's Film Festival. Christine recently co-produced and filmed an action comedy series about a Brooklyn superhero, Urban Ninja, on YouTube.

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